“Like One Sky Above Us” Music Shirts, Hoodies And Mugs

Good Music Shirts Should Carry Something More Than Just Awesomeness

What’s about these music shirts collection?

Once upon a time I was watching a movie, where Jews and Muslims had a band together. They didn’t care about religion fanatic bullshit fights and they were one of these people who really understood both – music and religion.

Because both – music genres and religions – are about the same. They’re about love and this awesome feeling when you hear the sounds. Words are not necessary there – you just feel it.. with your ears, with your heart, with your mind, with your soul. We all are children of God, Universe – whatever you call it.

If you have ever felt the music then you know what I’m talking about. It’s just the one – like one sky above us.

It insired me to create this clothing line, so spread the word – share the love and be good. It always comes back to you with huge power. Peace.

(You can get the shirts HERE -> https://professorsaibertin.com/vipstore)

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Get Your Shirt Here: https://professorsaibertin.com/vipstore

Besides the t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies we got also music mugs 🙂


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